‘Seeking Asian Female’ Provides An In Depth Look At A Fetish

‘Seeking Asian Female’ Provides An In Depth Look At A Fetish

Filmmaker Debbie Lum poses with Steven and Sandy, her subjects that are documentary to their big day. Susan Munroe/Seeking Asian Female hide caption

Susan Asian that is munroe/Seeking Female

It really is difficult to view looking for Asian Female, Debbie Lum’s uncomfortably close view the event some call “yellow fever” — whenever usually non-Asian males fetishize Asian ladies as intimate or intimate partners — without squirming. And also at very very very first, it appears as though it ended up beingn’t very easy for Lum to document the occurrence.

“I experienced to battle the desire to make around and then leave, ” Lum claims in a voiceover, appropriate we know only as “Steven” for the first time before she meets the character. I was told by her this person had among the “worst instances of yellowish temperature” she’s got seen.

Steven, an earnest, bespectacled, white American guy with an unsettling penchant for Asian females, is certainly not precisely the most attractive of prospective suitors. He’s a propensity to guage ladies centered on their level of “Chineseness. ” While he beckons Lum inside their messy apartment, he tells her with unabashed glee: “You look really Chinese, using the bangs. You understand i prefer that. ” Later on, Steven excitedly defines their love interest Sandy as “looking so Chinese. You cannot look any longer Chinese than that. ” The thing that makes him a specialist on searching Chinese is pretty uncertain, though he doesn’t seem too worried about that.

He generally seems to lust after Asian females for his or her expected beauty and docility. “after all i am an old man, i am 60, ” he informs Lum before fulfilling Sandy, musing about his perfect girl. “Do we want the farm woman to deal with me personally? Do i’d like. A smart company girl to simply help me develop backwards and forwards? Just exactly What do I want?. There is this Vietnamese movie called The Scent of Green Papaya which has this servant girl who cooks these breathtaking dishes. Gee, would it not end up like that? “

Meet Sandy, a 30-year-old girl from the Anhui province in Asia.

Sandy discovers Steven on an on-line dating site and generally seems to be looking for a possible entryway towards the U.S. And some stability that is economic. (She takes two split pictures of these and makes sort of endearing, type of creepy couples photo, much to their delight. ) Steven visits her once or twice in Asia, they hit it well and she comes towards the states for an engagement visa that is k-1.

Yes, Sandy takes care of him. But she actually is scarcely the demure woman he wished for, just like he’s scarcely the flashy American she might have expected. A frustrated Sandy describes wanting to get out of the relationship as soon as she has enough money and schooling throughout the film.

The movie has a lot of blinking indicators that say this relationship may not be a idea that is good. We cringed a great deal. Whenever a frustrated Sandy confesses that she’d “lose face” if she shared with her relatives and buddies in Asia about her house-less, money-less United states beau, i discovered myself asking, exactly why are you achieving this?

And yet. During the period of the movie, one thing remarkable took place for me. Sandy and Steven, together, began to look like may possibly not be this type of bad thing after all.

Steven kisses a photograph date african women of Sandy, their bride from Asia.

Debbie Lum/Seeking Asian Female

There clearly was one thing unsettling concerning the movie, and my response to it. Why ended up being we experiencing sympathetic to Steven, whom fetishizes Asian females? Can a relationship, borne away from one thing possibly just a little twisted on both relative edges, evolve into one thing genuine? Can it be also reasonable to evaluate somebody else’s relationship? Lum, whom that she began making the documentary because she was sick of dealing with men (usually non-Asian) who shared Steven’s creepy fascination with Asian women like me is Chinese-American, told me. But as the film was made by her, Lum’s ideas changed, kind of love mine.

After Lum settled on Steven as an interest on her documentary, the film was thought by her will be about their relationship with Sandy. She had no idea that she’d be intimately covered up within their courtship: she quickly discovered by herself their designated (and reluctant) translator, and after that, the couple’s de facto marriage counselor.

Whenever Sandy discovers a cache of pictures of Steven’s ex-girlfriend on his computer — the ex ended up being Chinese, natch — she freaks away. Lum translates their battle. “I am able to just show my love everyday, ” Steven says. (Lum will not convert that for him. )

“this might be likely to be an adjustment on both of our parts, ” a teary-eyed steven informs the digital camera after their battle with Sandy. “this is simply not Asia, and I also have always been perhaps maybe not Chinese. I am dreaming about the greatest. “

As Lum gets nearer to the few, she begins to see under the area of these relationship — that there can be feelings that are genuine.

“there is this entire other individual here, ” Lum stated of Steven. “When we see partners like Steven and Sandy, i do believe about their stories now, just as much as i do believe by what it checks out since, or just what it appears like through the outside. “

Lum, in addition, is hitched up to a white irishman. But she states her relationship along with her spouse is significantly diffent than Steven and Sandy’s. “Steven and Sandy’s is a type of contemporary undertake an antique arranged wedding, ” Lum stated. “They went involved with it with a truly pre-determined need to be hitched above the rest, whereas my spouce and I variety of just met. “

Yet she sometimes wonders if other people think about their relationship as one tinged by yellowish temperature.

Sandy and Steven, by the method, remain together. Sandy now talks English fluently, Lum stated.

We stumbled on this movie thinking about Steven as “an Asian fetishist” as well as Sandy as “an opportunist. ” Having invested a while getting to understand them through Lum’s lens, we saw their nuances. Components of their relationship — their battles, their interactions that are daily their worries — became extremely peoples, totally relatable to an outsider.

Except i’m like there must be a “but. “

This narrative nevertheless does not stay well beside me. The way in which Steven seriously considered Asian ladies — stripping them of the individuality, layering on pre-conceived ideals, replacing individuals with kinds — was challenged as he came across Sandy, a person that is real levels of her very own. They might result in the relationship work, yes, and I also could even would like them to. However in that situation, their road to pleasure feels marred with potholes that nevertheless must be analyzed and considered.


A person we think become Steven Bolstad, Seeking Asian Female’s documentary topic, taken care of immediately the post within the responses part. (We additionally reached away to filmmaker Debbie Lum to comment and generally are waiting on her behalf reaction. ) This is what Steven had to state.

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